And so it begins

Welcome.  I figure that I should tell you a little about me and a little about why I am now part of this “blogging” world.

About Me:

I’m a wife, a sister, an auntie, a daughter, a friend, a professional, a romantic, a goof-ball, a klutz, and a blonde.  I am now attempting to add “creative” to that list.  I have fallen in love with all sorts of crafty blogs and it has inspired me to create my own so you, dear reader, can follow along in my crafty mis-advetures.  And I do mean mis-adventures.  I never was the ‘crafty’ or ‘creative’ type when I was little, much to my mom’s chagrin.  She is so creative and crafty and just plain gifted.  I mean, this woman can sew anything and everything.  She made every single one of my dance costumes when I was little as well as countless halloween outftis.  She got the sewing gene from my grandma, who was also very talented in this regard.  She would sew pj’s for every single one of her grandchildren (I think we’re up to about 11) for every holiday or gift-giving occasion.  My sister is very creative as well.  No one I know can whip up a scrapbook as fast (or as nice) as her! 

Why now? Well I’m really not sure. I’ve been itching for a new hobby almost as soon as I got married.  When you are not planning a wedding you have so much more free time on your hands!  So I signed up for one of these fancy weblogs and I’m beginning the process.

So watch and read as I delve into this fascinating world.  I already have a pile of projects that I am so excited to start.  First up is a pin cushion followed closely by a gift for my sister’s birthday.  Both of which I will post pictures of.

I’m also going to keep track of any useful tutorials and helpful hints I find along the way for any other beginners out there.  Enjoy!



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