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What sparks my creative juices

I am very much enjoying Sew Mama Sew’s “Handmade Holidays” essentially they post 4-5 projects that are free to get instructions/tutorials/patterns on every day for the entire month of November.

Check them out here: Sew Mama Sew’s Blog

I have already picked out gifts for my niece (see the cute fabric house that’s posted today?) And about a dozen other things that I want to try..

Must take another trip to the fabric store very very soon.

I also purchased S.E.W. – Sew Everything Workshop on the weekend.  Everyone says this is the best book to buy for sewing tips and hints.  Even if you aren’t a beginner.  It sure helped me with my Amy Butler bag that I did over the weekend.  I’m going to attempt the boxers that are in this book next.  A little stocking stuffer for the husband. 

That’s all for now.


The Birdie Sling – Success!

Birdie Sling - Final Product
Birdie Sling – Final Product

My first sewing project = success!  I can hardly believe I made something so pretty. 

I probably googled the Birdie Sling a dozen and a half times before I started this project.  I didn’t know if I could trust what people were saying “it’s easy!” “a quick sew” “really really big bag”

Well it’s all true.  For the most part.  I found Amy Butler’s instructions incredibly easy to follow.  I had to google and youtube a few things (like the slip stitch, never done one of those before!), but for a very beginner sewer, the bag came together without too many issues.  I wouldn’t call this a quick sew, but maybe 11 hours is quick?  I should look that up before I get too involved in this sewing thing, shouldn’t I?

I must admit, I had some help from my mom.  She got me set up on her sewing machine (the one she’s had since 1979, it’s a beaut!) and reminded me of the basics, backstitching, seam allowance, how to thread the bobbin.. yadda yadda yadda.  It all came back to me.  I used to watch my mom sew all the time.  There’s this great stitch setting that the machine has that is little flowers in a row.  I remember she used to put these on the hems of our clothes for a little added flair.  I added it to one of the inside pockets because this bag is a birthday gift for my sister and I figured she’d enjoy a little nostalgia.  Or at least a good laugh at how crooked the stitch is on the pocket! Here’s a close up of the stitch:

The Flower Stitch

The Flower Stitch

I can hardly wait to give this to my sister.  She may get it early!  Hopefully she likes it.  The big graphic flower prints just screamed her name to me for some reason.  Oh, all of the fabric that I used was also Amy Butler designs.  I couldn’t do my first Amy Butler project without using her fabric, now could I?

So overall, sewing is too much fun.  And Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling was the perfect starting point for me.  I can hardly wait for my next project!!

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